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Peter Biondo

Benson, NC — Thursday saw the completion of two races at the Strange Engineering Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park. Thursday was scheduled to begin with the continuation of JEGS $50,000 Wednesday, though the weather had other plans.

At 3:45 p.m. the track crew was able to dry and prep the surface for a full slate of racing. With the racers’ patience and cooperation, rounds moved quickly until 6 remained in the $50,000 event including Corey Manuel, Timothy Thomas, Nick Womack, Eric Thomas, Tanner Miller, and Matt Costabile.

Eric Thomas had a .004 advantage on the tree and turned on the winlight after the seven thousandths breakout of Womack, while Timothy Thomas laid down .008 total on Miller to advance. The winning packages became even tighter the following pair where Costabile put together .005 total against the .008 package of Manuel.

It was an all-Thomas family affair in the uncle versus nephew semifinals. Eric Thomas turned it just .005 red and ran dead-on four against Timothy Thomas, who would move on to the final round. Costabile left .005 early as well on his solo trip down the track and would face Thomas for the first main event big check of the week.

In the final of the JEGS $50,000 event, Costabile and Thomas both ran it down to be dead-on – but it was the dead-on one for Costabile that earned him the victory. First-time Fling event champion Costabile parked the ‘86 Camaro in the winner’s circle after making the trip from Port Dover, Canada.

The next box to check on the list was the completion of APD $15,000 Tuesday. The remaining eight drivers included Will Holloman, Gary Williams, Tanner Miller, Jamey Coudill, Jeff Verdi, Steve Dunn, Donovan Williams, and Paul Skinger.

In the semifinals, Gary Williams fouled out against Holloman while Coudill and Miller were separated by just one thousandth on the tree. Miller broke out by .002, while Coudill wheeled his ‘67 Nova Wagon down to be dead-on four and advance to the final.

Holloman held a .009 advantage on the tree over Caudill and took .010 at the stripe to secure the APD $15,000 payday, winning his first Fling event as well.

Two days of Fling racing are on deck with $100,000 up for grabs. Everything will be streamed live as it happens on the MotorManiaTV YouTube channel free to the viewer courtesy of JEGS Performance and Hoosier Racing Tire with new exclusive content produced by the Fling Team.

For more information, visit, the Spring Fling Bracket Races Facebook page, or text the word “GALOT” to 41372 for race updates.