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Peter Biondo

Benson, NC — Advanced Product Design $15,000 Wednesday at the Strange Engineering Spring Fling presented by Optima Batteries at GALOT Motorsports Park saw 428 entries make the call for the first round, a record-high for a $15K GALOT Fling Warm-Up race. The morning fired off with a time run session for all on property before rolling into eliminations.

 The eight-car ladder was made up of half door cars and half dragsters including Thomas Davis, Cam Whisnant, James Norrod, Jon Corbin, Jeff Taylor, Donny Burleson, Russ Adams, and Dustin Smiley. Burleson let go .000 and ran .019 above for the win over Norrod, while Adams had the lesser of the two redlights against Whisnant to move on. Smiley was .006 and took .005 to knock out Davis, while Corbin put his ‘68 Firebird dead-on zero to eliminate Taylor.

The semifinals would guarantee a door car versus dragster final as two door cars and two dragsters came head to head with each other. Separated by just six-thousandths on the tree, Adams crossed the stripe by .001 to break out two thousandths while Burleson put it dead-on five to compete in his third career Fling final round. Smiley laid down .007 total in his full body Grand Prix to earn himself a spot alongside Burleson.

The Advanced Product Design $15,000 Wednesday win fell in Smiley’s favor by way of TruStart after he was just one-thousandth early to the .003 redlight of Burleson to grab his first ever Fling big check, running it all out to be dead-on seven and secure the second door car win of the week.

Race fans can tune in tomorrow at 8:15 a.m. EST for JEGS Performance $50,000 Thursday. Everything will be streamed live from our own channel @RaceTheFlings on YouTube. Our in-house camera crew is slated to deliver another high-quality broadcast this week with live timing, a starting line camera, exclusive interviews, and more courtesy of Hoosier Tire and Robco Residential.