This is one of those weeks where “writer’s block” seems to be kicking in.

This upcoming weekend marks one year since I was diagnosed with the “c” word and it’s been quite a year. It began with successful Whipple surgery to remove the disease followed up by chemo and radiation treatments. I’m not sure I’m out of the woods yet but about a month ago, doctors changed my chemo drug and it’s made me extremely tired with an almost total lack of energy. It’s very hard to get moving and I’m having an issue with not being able to function at my normal 200-mph pace. I’m just not built to work at only 50-mph.

But I have to thank each and every one of you for your prayers and thoughts you’ve sent along. I may have mentioned this in a previous Blog, but I don’t think I’ve prayed so hard since my father passed away 30 years ago. Faith is a powerful thing and when we celebrated Easter this past weekend, we put our faith in just what God has promised us all.

That being said, I’m fighting like mad, winning most of the little battles even though I lost one two weeks ago when I fell and bounced my head off a tile floor. Not good. Tile floor 1, John D 0. I’m still somewhat recovering from that one, but getting better every day.

The one thing which sort of bothers me is that I feel as though I’ve lost a year when it comes to racing. Sure, I still talk to people in our sport every day or so, but my travel schedule has been very limited, and as such, I don’t feel I’m as in touch with our world as I’ve always been.

Last year, we launched our new website – – and thankfully my partner Phil Hutchison has picked up a lot of the slack when it comes to posting stories and the like. The site itself has seen increasing numbers every month which is what it’s supposed to do. However, sometimes I don’t feel as if I’m pulling my weight; my dilemma though. Just another one of those dilemmas that “c” word has a tendency to do.

As most might realize, I’m a big motorsports fan, a fan of sorts of all types. While drag racing is still my sport of choice, the one thing I’ve almost never done is spend a lot of time watching NASCAR races. This year has been different in the regard that I’ve watched every one of them on TV so far. I may not watch every lap, but my television has been tuned in every Sunday. When there is an NHRA race on though, I can tell you I’m wearing out the TV changer going back and forth.

Here’s my observation. I believe that NASCAR has been doing a fairly good job when it comes to producing an entertainment show. Yes, there’s racing involved but it’s my belief they’ve done a good job melting the two together. I wonder if there are some things NHRA can learn from that? But my guess is that’s something every one has thought about from time to time. And I’ve said this before, but sometimes I believe the NHRA needs to make a decision as to whether or not they’re in the entertainment business or simply a sanctioning body. I’m not sure you can be both.

This of course is not meant to be critical against the NHRA; rather just an observation; one I think a lot of us have had, and one I believe I’ve asked about before.

The $40,000,000 question I pose to you is this week: What can be done?

So much for writer’s block. -JOHN DiBARTOLOMEO