Words/Photos Richard Brady

Mike Boyd, owner and driver of the Legendary “Winged Express” Nitro Fuel Altered has passed away.

I remember Mike’s first few attempts behind the wheel of what was the third edition of this car, and I seem to recall those first attempts were lackluster to say the least. I can only imagine all of the thoughts in Big Mike’s head must have been, along with how stressful I’m sure they were. It didn’t take long though and he got very comfortable driving the car, which allowed thousands of fans to see him run carry on the legend of the Winged Express.

The Late Great “Wild Willie Borsch,” a legend in his own right, drove the original Marcellus-Borsch Winged Express. After Borsch and then John Zendejas both passed away, Marcellus teamed up with Boyd to campaign this third edition of the original car, with Mike as driver.

Very well liked, Mike and had a flair with all the kids who sat in the stands to see the car run, after which he would hit the pits to talk to them and sign autographs.

Mike Boyd will be missed… And we send our condolences to his family!