I like the age of technology we live in today; computers, internet, phones, watches, etc. Although sometimes I believe we’d all be better off living when times were simpler, times when maybe we all walked around with six-shooters on our belts.

Yeah, I’m not really that old, but when computers first came out they were supposed to make our lives easier. I seriously doubt that’s happened. Sure, they make things easier in some respects, but haven’t they also cluttered our lives and caused us to be so hooked to electronics that we often miss out on the beauty of life itself?

I know, I’ve complained about that fact that we measure of racing lives in thousandths of a second. How things were so much simpler when you received a hand-written time slip giving you just your elapsed time and mph. You never even knew what your opponent ran or could compare yourself to him or her. Does having a time slip today with multiple pieces of information measured out to four digits after the decimal point make things any better? How unique would it be to someday run a race; I’m not even sure it’s possible anymore; to turn off all the incrementals and just provide elapsed time and mph? Maybe that’s what makes all of these No Prep, arm drop and outlaw-type events so popular? People just wanting to get back to the simpler ways of life. Do we really want to get back there though?

Many of those No Prep, arm drop and outlaw-type race cars utilize computer systems which do much more than just gather data; data which enables those to transverse whatever length of race course they desire quicker than ever before. And in some cases, those computer-aided systems are able to make adjustments as the car goes down the track. Did technology bring about what we call “cheating?” Maybe so, but that’s just the cost of technology.

Of course, I use the term “computer” rather generally as in some cases they’re merely a machine which can process and store information at amazing speeds. It’s been said that our brains are in actually; if you will; a computer but that we only tend to use about ten-percent of our brain’s capacity. Today’s stand-alone computers can use probably 99-percent of their capacity and when connected to the ten-percent of our brains, amazing things can happen.

We have 300-mph Top Fuel cars, six-second bracket cars, and everything in between. Why? In most cases because the technology gleamed from computers has enabled people using their ten-percent brain capacity to learn just what is needed to; borrowing a phrase from the late-‘60s Star Trek television show; “go boldly where no man has gone before.”

So while we may sometimes loath computers, and in some cases blame them for certain things in our lives; they have made life easier in some respects.

My theory of simpler times when we all carried those six-shooters was really questioned with a recent hospital stay. It became apparent to me that now here was a time when the information age we live in really did make things better. It was now easier for anyone; doctors, nurses, even ourselves, etc.; to readily pull up a person’s medical records rather than wait what may have taken days or weeks in those aforementioned “six-shooter days.” Everyone is now connected regardless of an affiliation to records that can quickly help a person.

Having a two-year old grandson, I can only imagine what technology will bring to him in his lifetime. While there are certain aspects of technology today which I may be able to live without; maybe even time slips with numbers out four decimals; in most cases, I’m glad we have them. How about you?