I know I’m a little late publishing this Blog this week but I have my reasons. And this may be a little shorter than normal Blog.

It seems that last week, I inadvertently tripped and fell after a treatment session bouncing my head, shoulder and ribs off a tile floor. I know I can be hard-headed but this one took its toll with a black eye, cut above my forehead and other bruises. Docs felt it somewhat related to this new regiment they have me on but felt it best to get a quick cat scan of my head which – big surprise but thankfully – showed no internal bruising. They still ordered an MRI to be done yesterday.

If anyone’s had an MRI, you know how claustrophobic it can be. Fortunately, they prescribe a sort of “relaxing pill,” which doesn’t necessarily put you to sleep, but does make you extremely woozy for the better part of the day. Hence, tapping on the computer keyboard was sort of out for most of Tuesday, and my excuse for this late Blog.

No results from the MRI yet, but the bruising and subsequent headache is getting better. Fortunately, the weekend was exciting to say the least when both of our kids scored No.1 in their respective chosen lines.

First up Saturday was two No.1s for daughter Christina at a Battleground Cornhole League event. She has knocked on the door to No.1 and broke through a couple of times but this was a good one. She’s been looking to turn as a pro in that field – who would have known there was such a thing – and hopefully this will lead to even more wins.

Son Franklin also found his way to winning Super Street with his race truck at the Division 2 National Open held in Mooresville, NC. Near his home. He too has knocked on the door to a win with the truck but this was the first win for the truck and to have his wife Jenny and son Evan with him brings back a lot of memories for us. I seem to remember the 1984 Gatornationals which wasn’t the first win with the Puerto Rican Dream Super Gas car, but it was the first where our whole family – minus Christina who had yet to be born of course – was there to celebrate. I enjoyed seeing our grandson holding the trophy in the winner’s circle photo, but I think he may still have been more thrilled to ride the golf cart.

Obviously, my wife and I weren’t there in person for either win but it doesn’t take away the pride we have for both. I’ve been fortunate to win a number of races over the years but feeling and the excitement when your offspring does it… well, there really is no greater pride. And in both of these cases, they really accomplished it by themselves. Wait… Does that mean they don’t need us anymore? I hope not!

Out for now… just got to get back to work. -John DiBartolomeo